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The Demonic Barber of Fleet Street

Salut! Ca va? Ca va.
I'm supposedly studying for my French final first thing tomorrow, and thus, I figured it would be appropriate to post a live journal entry! It IS what one does when one should be productive, correct? Things are going ok. I slept like pure shit and I can barely keep my eyes open, but I must stay awake long enough to get through the rigorous routine that my poor hair will be going through today. ::La pout::

Movies People Must Check Out
The Illusionist
My Fair Lady

They're making a movie of Sweeny Todd with Johnny Depp! ::Squeal::
Well. I went to CMU on Saturday, turned in my application, and they called on Sunday to tell me that I got in. I didn't answer the phone, I was out getting my homecoming dress.

And speaking of homecoming! Guess what Wavo people? Get me a guest pass! (Not that they ever check anyway...) I'm gonna go for the double homecoming weekend.


I just got back from taking my mom to get her MRI done, homecoming dress and senior picture shopping, and grocery shopping.

I love my dress. It's not super fancy, but it's pretty.

So.... Waverly people... am I comin' to your homecoming this year or not? *bats eyelashes* When IS your homecoming anyway? We're having ours on the 29th or 30th or something.
I've started to keep a journal. As in, a hand written, in a notebook sort of journal.

Next weekend is actually free for me, so someone get a hold of me. I wanna dooooo something. ::Whine, whine, whine::

I miss everyone.

I am an elitist bitch.

I hate classes that aren't tracked. I hate classes that aren't tracked because then I end up with a bunch of idiots who hold me up because they can't figure out what to do. Like... in Photoshop. There are MORONS in that class. I'm typically done on the first day, so far at least, and I want to mooooooove on.

However, on the other hand... it means I look smarter, and the teacher likes me more. Already, I've got her moving me into the back row. The back row is away from... I'm already being bitchy enough, I don't need to go there.

And talking about idiot and morons! The sophomores at Holt are just ASKING to be strangled. I finally understand why seniors think they are the shit. It's because the underclassmen say the stupidest things, even if they aren't really stupid.

Last, but not least, Project Runway!

Finally! Vincent is gone. I've never liked him. He kinda creeped me out. In my opinion, he should've been gone a while ago. I didn't want Jeffery to win. My favorite is Ulrika, and I liked her dress best. Michael's dress looked shitty with those weird boob things. I never liked Laura's dress much. All in all, I like the elimination, but I wanted Uli to win. (And I thought it was shitty that the guest judge said that it was Michael's fault that a shitty little kid threw eggs.)


The Crocodile Hunter is dead.

In other news: I finally watched Howl's Moving Castle, and I really liked it. (This is to Amanda and Alisa.) I'm not really a major anime fan (Spirited Away was just creepy) but I really liked that movie.

Aug. 31st, 2006

Has anyone else gotten that strange feeling in the pit of your stomach when you KNOW someone is trying to hook you up with someone else?

Yeah. I experienced that on Tuesday. Lemme tell you: WEIRD. It's a mixture of "Oooh, someone might actually like me!" and then the thought, "Nah, they could never like me because I'm too ugly/annoying/stupid/etc."

In other news: First week back to HHS wasn't as bad as it could've been. I'm a tad annoyed because I was stuck sitting by the, hmm, but... it could be worse. I'm kinda wishing I hadn't signed up for Human Genetics. Ohhhh well.
I'm reading Emma as my "off-to-the-side" book for AP Lit. I figure after reading Frankenstein I deserve a nice, light Jane Austen book.

I wonder what Edgar Allan Poe and Mary Shelley's love baby would have been like. Knowing their luck, it probably would have died after being mutilated by some psychotic sexual predator.
Yay! I've finished my last Frankenstein paper and now I can go to school.

Not that I want to, mind you.