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Aug. 17th, 2006

Project Runway really pissed me off tonight. Alison should NOT have been cut out. That one freaky old guy has been making shitty things the entire time. Alison's at least looked interesting, even if not on her model, and not like a recycling bin threw up on her garment. I was ok with Michael winning, though I liked Laura's dress the best. Oh well. As long as that asshole Jeff doesn't win. He looked PISSED. I laughed.

School starts soon. I haven't even got my schedule yet, the bastards. I dropped A.P. Calc like the little bitch that I am. I just couldn't take it like a man. I'm looking at ball room dancing lessons, but I need a partner. As well as a one day message therapy session thing (another thing I need a partner for) and yoga.
Not to sound completely pathetic, but I was disappointed by the "shocker" of Project Runway. It ran flat for me when they ran a commercial that made it completely obvious that the scandalous ruffian was a male. Oh noes! Fashion How-To books! I understand why they aren't allowed, but Bravo hyped it up to much that it just kinda ended up like the cheese souffle in that one Cheetos commercial.

Alisa, what do you think?


Today I have:
Done my little brother's homework for him as commanded by mother.
Had my elbow slammed in a bathroom door by said little brother.
Was yelled at for being silly and playful by said mother.
Was not in trouble with step-father at all. Amazing.
Been disappointed.
Thought I was ugly.
Looked in the mirror and decided on what I wanted to change.
Wanted to be with a significant other.
Gotten jealous of friends who get to hang out with each other.
Missed Alisa being online.
Felt the beginning of the chest pain that seems to come with extreme distress and disappointment.
Drank a bottle of Crystal Lighted-Water.
Drank two tea cups of green tea, half a teaspoon of sugar.
Drank two Pepsis.
Eaten one cookie.
Eaten fake mashed potatoes and the larger part of a roast beef sandwhich.
Wished my mother and step-father a happy anniversary.
Been left out of said anniversary, when it was step-father's sappy idea to say that "in a way, it's our anniversary, too."
Watched Project Runway.  Also, been pissed at who they decided to "auf." Again.

Right now I am:
Drinking a Sierra Mist.
Talking to James.
Still jealous of friends.
Nursing a stiff elbow.
Damp. Hair, pervert.

Journals are stupid. I don't take extensive notes on my feelings and thoughts through the day, and my life isn't interesting enough that I have a new exciting adventure to tell everyone every day either. Oops. There's the jealousy again.

I want to take belly dance lessons. I'm also having Alisa draw me several possible tattoos. I plan to get one when I turn 18. Fricken' day of.
I won't be online for a while. I'm not sure how long. Since I'm moving into a new house tonight/tomorrow, I don't have internet yet.

I try to keep an open mind, but Scientology scares me. Really, flat out scares me. It's not even, "Wow, that's really weird... and kinda creepy." It's, "Why the hell are you choosing that life?"
I got my ACT scores back. My lowest area was Science (???) where I got a 21, my highest was reading at 31. Overall score, 26. Is this good?!
The Brave Little Toaster really brings a whole new meaning to the entire "not causing harm to others" thing. What's a girl to do? ::Worry::


I know my parents might have a problem with Alex going along too. (It certainly wouldn't soothe their fears about sex!) But if I were to have Amanda's brother come over and talk to them, it might be ok.

Everyone else?

Brothers in or out?

TEH Shirt

My "TEH" shirt arrived in the mail today, along with my "Aerodynamically Curvaceous" shirt.

The first step of how I plan on taking over the world is completed. I am in possession of the "TEH" shirt.
My body is slowly getting back to normal.

I hung out with my buddies today. ^.^ I'm going to try to start a community in a moment, or tomorrow. I love ya all.

Also, check out linguatastica. That's mine and Alisa's shared LJ. Add if you know us... or one of us.